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Sabine Fiegl and Band
in Concert, Thursday, 09.02.2017, 20.00 "Musik Container", Uster



What a wonderful feeling it is to compose new music that comes, grows and blossoms from deep inside! To transform thoughts and ideas into sentences, rhymes and melodies. To sit at the piano and put it all together like a colourful puzzle. To play and sing the new songs all over, then visualize and plan to go to New York and record the new music with musician-friends. What a blessing to experience the joy and excitement, the highs and the lows that all came along with the developing of the fourth album "Life Is A Blessing"!

The new songs express the desire -although it takes a bit of courage- to develop. To search and find one's roots and wings. Roots that strengthen and wings that make you take off. To have the certainty and consciousness , the faith and belief that if one door closes, one door opens. It can show the way to an exciting and adventurious or a soothing, comforting and quiet part of life.

Sabine Fiegl recorded her Album "Life Is A Blessing" at the Park West Studios in Brooklyn with American Musicians like she did with her Trilogy "I Wonder", "Today's A Good Day" and "Quality Time".

Music is Sabine's life. Born in Rüti, in the hills of the Zurich Oberland, Sabine began singing as a child, joined several choirs and co-wrote her first songs at the tender age of fifteen with her first band: the Speedways. As a youth group leader and as a teacher, she penned songs for children and teenagers. She performed regularly with a party band (Flying Fish) and with a big band (RP Big Band).

She went on to train as a Professional Performing Artist at the Vocal Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. At the degree ceremony, she was presented with the Outstanding Student Award.

Back in Switzerland, Sabine worked as a singer on several projects both at home and abroad -with the Big Band Liechtenstein, for instance- and as vocal coach in Wetzikon, Winterthur and Liechtenstein. She continually worked on her own material before finally making her dream come true, in 1996, by recording her first CD: I Wonder. Her first son was born in 1999. In 2002, she returned to her other creative career as singer/songwriter and producer with Today's A Good Day. Her second son was born in 2003. Then in 2007, she released her CD Quality Time. Produced by her husband Hannes Würgler, it appeared on the Jazz Elite Special Label (Turicaphon). And 2012/13 she presented her current album „Life Is A Blessing“, released on takt-art.ch and again produced by Hannes Würgler.

Sabine Fiegl lives with her family in Pfäffikon ZH.


Mail : hello@sabinefiegl.com