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Sabine Fiegl and Band
in Concert, Thursday, 09.02.2017, 20.00 "Musik Container", Uster

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Trespass.ch 2007
Sabine Fiegl, her band and a number of American friends recorded the songs for her third CD Quality Time in the Park West Studios in Brooklyn. What as a result emerges is a small musical island on which the listeners can relax ... away from the stress and the frantic pace of modern life. Merely at the press of a button, as it were, everything may now proceed in slow motion, leaving you space to take a deep breath and savor the tranquility. Warmth and sun-drenched sounds create the perfect atmosphere to sit back and feel good. Savvily, expressively, Sabine reminds us how to live, remove those blinkers and enjoy things consciously. She mixes common-sense everyday experiences with life's greater wisdoms. Passionately – and with a true flair for rhythm and harmony – the Zurich-based singer sings of feelings, of everyday experiences and of seeking and finding .As we listen to her soul, blues and jazz compositions, we can free to let our souls gyrate and immerse ourselves in a bubble, however fragile, of tranquility and security. Messages for a happier and more satisfied life, enveloped in sounds that get under your skin, sung by a voice that is as intangible as smoke and as clear as glass.

Wiler Zeitung 2002
Enchanting voice: seductive, lively. Her whole repertoire makes a very personal impression through the songs she composes herself.

Jazztime 2002
In Europe and the USA she has given highly acclaimed concerts. Her success is in part due to her highly adaptable voice, according to her feelings, and also to her compositions, combining jazz with pop, blues and soul.

Werdenberger & Toggenburger 2002
Sabine Fiegl immediately captivated her audience with her stage presence and her expressive and passionate way of singing. The artist fills the whole evening with her own compositions and arrangements; in her songs Sabine Fiegl tells of experiences from everyday life, and transmits words of wisdom.
The quality and intensity of her compositions were convincing by any standards and they certainly bear comparison with the singer and composer Joni Mitchell. Blues, soul, jazz and pop blended into a new harmonious whole full of energy. Fiegl’s singing, sometimes erotically charged and electric, at other times a narrative lament, is characterised by an unusually broad vocal range: the voice is sometimes transformed into an improvising wind instrument in scat-singing.
Truly it was music to fall in love to.

Liechtensteiner Volksblatt 1998
With the great vocal range of her expressive voice, extending from dolce piano to the most strident forte, Sabine Fiegl brings jazz music alive.

Liechtensteiner Vaterland 1998
Her expressive singing and passion recalled the major appearances of the international greats of the jazz scene. The applause spoke for itself.

Zürcher Oberländer 1997
A powerful woman with a powerful voice produced a successful blend of jazz and pop as well as of blues and soul. Thanks to her well-trained voice the singer is able to give the songs she has composed herself the emphasis they require. Sabine Fiegl’s smooth, pure voice offered variations in range of colour and nuance. The artist sang in her unmistakable easy, direct way, coloured her pieces sometimes with jazz phrases, sometimes with soul colours and also with well-loved pop music tunes. With her warm voice she sensitively showed off her ballads to their best advantage, and in her improvisations a tempestuous, rock music voice also sometimes made itself heard. At times Sabine Fiegl used her voice just as expertly as a rhythm instrument.

Blick 1998
She composes, sings, produces and is her own manager – the all-rounder Sabine Fiegl. Her appealing compositions are sung in a sometimes soft, sometimes strident voice.

Stories of a voice, Liechtensteiner Vaterland 1995
Sabine Fiegl creates singular intensity and power through her voice, her improvisations and her sense of timing and rhythm. She sings a song exactly as she feels it. In scat-singing she displays the broad spectrum of her voice ranging from the innocent angel to the sensual vamp. Sabine Fiegl is able to use her voice like an orchestral instrument: tender or incisive, lyrical or dramatic, powerful or restrained, depending on what is required, depending on the mood. Her musicality and sureness of style, her expression and feeling for jazz made the evening into a very special event.

Liechtensteiner Vaterland 1995
She is a creative whirlwind and fashions songs with brilliant technique and vocal dynamic range.

LA NACION Costa Rica 1995
Lucky were those who were inspired enough to head for the bar Q’tal last Monday, because they were treated with a night of remarkable music, running straight through their veins. During her intense concert, Sabine Fiegl, the singer, succeeded in conveying to the listeners a feeling of jazz which merely flooded the location with its vibrations.


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